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Author: Bitcoin Benny

Decentralisation, do we need it?

For the past 20 years, I have worked globally as a C Level in either fast moving tech industries such as mobile communications or in disruptive tech like Grab (ride-hailing). For me it was a logical move into the world of blockchain, but it wasn’t until I was there, that I finally began to realise the significance of the future impact the tech would bring. Initially, I thought, ‘wow! I’m early to something for once in my life.’ Then I realized that the romantic notion I had fallen in love with, was not dissimilar to the non-blockchain world. What...

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Mastering the Art of Airdrops

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is ‘Should I chase Airdrops?’ Almost always the answer is ‘no’, followed by a very quick ‘well, yes!’. Today I will explain why and give you and example or two to boot. BUY THE RUMOR SELL THE NEWS We are probably all familiar with this saying. More often than not we hear that you’re going to get ‘something for nothing’, or a ‘huge announcement is incoming’ (weird thing to announce in advance, unless you want to hype the price, right?), and then follows the big news or announcement, and in this case the airdrop. People wait for the snapshot, and dump their original purchase as fast as they can. Lets use Medibloc as a case and point as its happening now and is a great live study of this theory. Here is the price action leading into the Airdrop.   Here is the 30 minutes straight after the snapshot It dropped from $0.03 USD to $0.0138 USD. That’s well over 50% of its snapshot value. Let’s look at how you can play the Airdrops and more often than not come out on top. 1. The Trader Whether you believe the project you are investing in has long term value or not, by simply following one of the many crypto announcement calendars you can see which projects will be doing upcoming...

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Cryptocurrency – Are we in a bubble?

Hi All, This is without doubt the most timely and also most important article I have written to date, and for very good reason. If history has taught us anything, and it has, we are not thinking straight. So lets diffuse the noise and focus on what we do know and where we are headed with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Last year I read 64 books. Yes, 64. I studied, I learned, I absorbed and made sure I was well positioned to be able to recognize the signs that I would/could ignore due to being blinded by the excitement of rapid gains and constant opinion forming views of social media outlets and the experts in a field where, lets be honest, there are no experts. So my disclaimer is this, I know as well as the next person where this is going or where we are. But I am a student of history and therefore I am able to come to my own conclusions. Speaking candidly, that’s all they are, but I think the logic is sound. So lets get into it. What is a bubble? Bubbles form in economies, securities, stock markets and business sectors because of a change in investor behavior and appetite. During a boom, such as the Dot Com boom, people will purchase stocks with the hope of selling these to others for a gain....

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Bitcoin Bennys Weekly Newsletter – Edition 12

Hi Guys, Welcome back. We hope you enjoy the weekly newsletter and that you get a lot of benefit from it. It takes a lot of man hours and we hope it helps a little bit to better your trading experience. It is not financial advice and is purely cryptocurrency commentary and market speculation. BITCOIN BENNY’S LATEST RECOMMENDATIONS AND MARKET BRIEF: UPDATE While many have already declared the start of the next bull run and alts season, I am getting ready to call it, but not quite yet. The market cap has seen a healthy increase and we are...

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