Established in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, RedFOX Labs is a build out incubator that uses Komodo Platforms open source technology to build dApps and products that accelerate blockchain mass adoption.

Their first POC dApp seems to have really resonated within the education industry in Vietnam and could have far wider reaching implications throughout South East Asia.

RedFOX Labs CEO and Founder and Komodo GM, Ben Fairbank said “Komodo Platform is really versatile in its use cases, due largely to its low cost of set up and transactions, it’s ease of scalability and the groundbreaking security technology it employs”.

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CEO and Founder of RedFOX Labs and Komodo GM, Ben Fairbank, pictured with His Royal Highness, The Duke of York, Prince Andrew as they discuss education and technology in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ben Fairbank, went on to say “We created a POC dApp that records students IELTS (English Language Certificates) to the Blockchain. This is a great way for the colleges such as Cambridge who accept x number of students each year, to verify the results without the normal paper process, which can be easily manipulated”

Pictured below is a sample of the dApp and a copy of the image stored on the blockchain. The actual transaction and blockchain record can be viewed here.

IELTS record.pngdashboard.png

Dzu Tran of ILA (International Learning Academy) The largest English school in Vietnam said “ILA has always prided itself on being a progressive and early adopter of new technology to enhance English language learning and security. We believe we are the first to have worked with a blockchain company to secure the authenticity of student records and to store immutable records that can not be altered and tampered. This is the first of a number of dApps that we are interested in implementing that will utilise the blockchain technology”

Dzu Tran CEO of ILA is pictured with Ben Fairbank CEO and Co founder of RedFOX Labs and Komodo GM, as they address English language students on the power of blockchain.


In addition to showcasing the IELTS dApp, Komodo, RedFOX Labs and ILA combined forces to establish the “Vietnam Blockchain Scholarship Fund” that will see 10 children from less fortunate backgrounds put through free English classes each year over the next 3 years.

Ben Fairbank said “Komodo and RedFOX Labs share a vision of building for tomorrows generations and this is a great showcase of how blockchain can be implemented into the current school system. We are so pleased that ILA also share our vision for enhancing experience through blockchain technology and we are very proud to partner with them as we provide a brighter future for some of Vietnams youngest generation and tomorrows leaders”

Eddie Tai from 500 Start-ups lead VC for RedFOX Labs said “We are always eager to invest in projects that showcase cutting edge technology and can utilise that tech to solve real world problems”

RedFOX Labs will ascertain what other blockchain technology dApps and products can help assist in the education industry as they continue conversations with the Ministery of Education in Vietnam.