Speed. What is it and what does it mean in terms of importance for blockchain tech?

In an hour of need, and after having looked at many technology platforms for our native ZEX coin, for the Zaddex Exchange, we were pleasantly surprised to be given a tip through none other than the CEO of Binance, CZ. Since its inception, Binance has made a lot of ‘right moves’ to get to the top and STAY there. CZ has a knack of being able to keep his finger on the pulse and is acutely aware of the projects in the market at any given time.

CZ has mentioned on numerous occasions the importance of speed, scalability and the limitations of the majority of the blockchain technology platforms, currently on the market. So to hear him mention Komodo and reference it in his interview with Jeff John Roberts for fortune.com (http://fortune.com/2018/08/02/changpeng-zhao-binance-blockchain/) on August 2, 2018, was a nod that this must be a serious project. CZ, doesn’t speak for the sake of speaking.

cz komodo.jpg

To my surprise, CZ thinks none of the current contenders are poised for long-term success because they are too slow. While this criticism has long been leveled at Ethereum, CZ says any blockchain designed for general smart contracts (as the current competitors are) won’t be swift enough. Instead, he thinks the existing blockchains will cede the field to more specialized ones.

CZ cited newer tools like Komodo make it possible to write blockchains for specific purposes, suggesting the future will consist of numerous bespoke ledgers.”

Zaddex Exchange believes that speed and scalability go hand in hand. When choosing a technology platform to build on, we had numerous people pointing us in the same direction. All fingers pointed to Komodo, yet the small loyal group of early adopters, pales in comparison to some of the larger more well known platforms, with a fraction of the tech. “Most of the technologies we looked at, seemed to have obvious limitations that we are unsure can be resolved under the current models and structures.”

One look under the hood of Komodo and we were convinced that this is what we wanted our coin and all future technology based on. “We couldn’t find one platform that could do anywhere near the 46k transactions per second that Komodo could (soon to be 1M with their new partnership) in addition to having privacy options, the security of dPoW against 51% attacks and now the Crypto Conditions UTXO contracts. This really is the complete package. Thank you CZ for once again being one step ahead of the rest and pointing us to this wonderful platform.”

Zaddex exchange will be a hybrid decentralized exchange using crypto conditions contracts by Komodo, after first releasing a centralized version in the coming month. “We are currently well ahead of schedule on the release of the centralized version of our exchange“.

Zaddex Exchange did not have a pre-sale, a sale, an ICO or a pre-mine, instead opting for a fair-launch with a founders fee to fund development. Several of the top exchanges by volume have reached out to Zaddex for the ZEX coin to be listed and negotiations are currently in progress. In the meantime the coin can be purchased on www.digitalprice.org and obtained through mining with one of these pools.

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