We take a look at 2018 and some of the challenges and accomplishments, as Komodo takes further steps to achieving its longer term goals.

2018 started with a bang and ended with a fizz for most of those focused on price and the volatility in the trading market. However, the focus of Komodo was firmly on the addition of community members, developers, participants, testers and anyone who shows an active interest in adding value to the ecosystem.

Komodo is an opensource, decentralised and consensus driven project that is open to everyone to contribute to. Established in 2016, Komodo originated as a fork of Zcash and was developed as an end-to-end platform. Komodo continues to develop technology focused on Security, Scalability and Privacy. Widely recognised as being one of the most innovative platforms for technology, Komodo remains focused on delivering accessible and interoperable solutions to the wider blockchain community.

Komodo is a provider of opensource technology, community members and third party service providers aid in gaining adoption and input for technology enhancement.

2018 was a year that will be remembered for hacks and security breaches. Komodo Platform was able to not only help protect a number of projects built on Komodo tech against 51% attacks by implementing dPoW, it was also integrated into chains outside of Komodos ecosystem.

hacks 2018.png

2018 will also be the year we remember for scaling issues, with a number of projects being created to deal with this specific issue. Komodo however, has scaling covered. Insert more content here……. (better for the tech guys to back this up)

Privacy remains a topic of discussion and what many claim is a major drawcard to the blockchain space. Komodo…… insert information here.

Why is speed important? Remember dial-up internet? Speed is a catalyst to adoption. It demonstrates the characteristics of not only a fast, but a scalable blockchain solution. There is a perception of immaturity of the technology in the wider market and for due reason. However, Komodo along with its partner AWS, will soon be able to demonstrate 1 Million tps, showing it has the characteristics of a more developed blockchain solution suited for wide-scale adoption.

As we see more institutional investment come into the blockchain space, we know the landscape will become even more fiercely competitive. The recent bear market was a time where the serious projects offered some amazing results and we saw the emergence of exciting, yet raw tech, coming from a lot of projects.

Komodo has been built to be interoperable, so direct competition for market share, when you are an open-source project, may not seem like the logical first item on the agenda. However, adoption is. The intent for Komodo to aid in mass adoption means it is vital we have more developers, more users and most importantly a larger community of people willing to use the technology.

This year we have seen the emergence of more 3rd party providers who offer services such as integration, payments, support and development to the Komodo ecosystem. This trend is expected to continue and accelerate in 2019 and we are likely to see more and more companies integrate and adopt Komodos technology.

2018 saw Komodo become the first blockchain project to be awarded the ‘Advanced Technology Partner’ title with AWS, which is an extremely difficult level to achieve and is testament to the solid foundations being laid by the Komodo tech team.

For Komodo to truly be a market leader in the coming years, there will have to be more partnerships that allow Komodo to be seamlessly integrated into more high profile businesses.

This has to be VERY digestible as the audience who would benefit from this needs to also be able to understand it. If you think its easier to add this in each of the above headers, then that’s fine too.


  1. ADOPTION – By focusing on attracting more developers, projects, partnerships, listings on exchanges that expose us to new markets, extending our global footprint and the successful integration with existing projects/companies, we will take a huge step toward reaching our longer term goals. These are all SMART measurables and can be tracked over the course of the next year to determine success in this category.
  2. DEVELOPMENT – This goes hand in hand with Adoption and will directly impact a number of key metrics determining ongoing success. With the addition of more 3rd party providers, it is expected we will see more finished end-user products, developed using Komodo technology in 2019. As further development comes to hand, Komodo will have a more robust GTM pipeline.
  3. MARKETING – Komodo has engaged the resources of a 3rd party provider to conduct a full brand refresh that will be ready to roll out in 2019. The refresh will focus on ensuring the message and brand identity for Komodo is more relevant and more supportive of the projects goals.