To Celebrate the launch of the newest independent project and chain on the Komodo Platform ecosystem, is calling on community members to help us best represent our new Hybrid DEX project.

We are calling on creative designers to help visualize what the Zaddex project is all about. We will be awarding the entries that best illustrate and showcase both the technology and the features of the ZEX coin and the Zaddex exchange.

If you are an amazing and visual storyteller, here is what you stand to win.

  1. First prize of 25,000 ZEX Coins
  2. Second prize of 15,000 ZEX Coins
  3. Third Prize of 10,000 ZEX Coins

We will also award 5 lucky winners 1,000 ZEX Coins just for Tweeting about the competition. These will be chosen at random when you retweet this link.

The Mission:

Zaddex chose to launch its chain and ZEX coin on the Komodo Platform as we value safety and security above all else. We are looking for high-quality infographics that help illustrate our offerings and features and a chance for you to put your unique spin on this young and exciting brand.

  • Create the visual storyboard
  • Share it on Twitter and help get your design out there
  • Follow Zaddex for updates information regarding the contest

Who Wins?:

We take this extremely seriously and therefore we want your audiences to help us decide. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Best original storytelling that accurately portrays what Zaddex offers
  • Tweets, comments, likes, retweets are all taken into consideration but those with smaller followings will still be considered, as we are all about quality.
  • We will take the best 10 and ask the audience to narrow this down to 5 entries by voting on Twitter and other platforms.
  • The Zaddex team will have final say on the winners and this will be purely based on what we believe best demonstrates our brand.


The following must be adhered to be considered a valid submission:

  • Tweet your entry and ensure you post the link to the contest.
  • Ask people to support you by liking and retweeting your entry.
  • You must include the @zaddex twitter handle on your entry.
  • Each artist may submit up to 3 entries, any more and the submissions will not be considered valid.