RedFOX Labs will soon launch the first Blockchain Co-working space in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The much needed space will bring together the sharpest minds in the Blockchain space across the region and have strict requirements for entry.

“We aim to create a space that is specifically for creativity and shared knowledge. We want this space to be welcoming and the heart of a new community. Our strong backgrounds and focus in CEX mean that we will not sacrifice our commitment to providing a space for like minded individuals to learn and teach. We want to escape the traditional library style of working space and make this a real ideas lab” Said Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder of RedFOX Labs.

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With an everchanging landscape in the regulations relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain in Vietnam, the need for a community driven space is more necessary than ever. RedFOX Labs will also act as a who’s who of crypto and a must visit for all blockchain personalities. With a green room for interviews and a sign board for all visitors to leave their mark, the co-working space, or ‘Ideas Lab’ as RedFOX Labs term it, is sure to be a success.

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“We think that having both a combination of collaborative work areas and private booths for calls and meetings is imperative. The idea of the space is to let the community help it to evolve as this is very much in line with the blockchain space in general. Most of us are used to being very experimental. We are deliberately catering this to a certain type of person. The traditional workspace patrons may not find this to be in line with their expectations. In addition to the co-working ‘Ideas Lab’, RedFOX Labs will also accommodate its accelerator partners in a dedicated area” Said Ben Fairbank.


With a 10 million USD fund for new outstanding projects, thanks to partner LedgerZ, the quality of projects is sure to be of a very high quality. RedFOX Labs is very clear on its stance of only working with truly exceptional projects with real world value.

Expected to open in September 2018, the wait is almost over. “We are looking forward to working in Vietnam and believe this is one of the most vibrant and promising countries globally and especially in South East Asia. Vietnam provides a great Asian base and is right where we want to be to start the RedFOX Labs journey.” Said Ben Fairbank

For more information on RedFOX Labs and the launch of the ‘Ideas Lab’ be sure to follow them here