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While many have already declared the start of the next bull run and alts season, I am getting ready to call it, but not quite yet.
The market cap has seen a healthy increase and we are seeing some of the signs we saw around this time last year (going into and through May).
Last year before we saw a huge run, we saw little things like we are seeing now. A few coins pumping each day, good flipping opportunities and ERC20 tokens being snapped up as they are listed on Etherdelta (this time IDEX).
Negative news articles relating to BTC and cryptocurrencies in general are not having the same impact on price and we are not seeing the same downward movements. This was the same thing we saw last year also.
I still believe we will see a small pullback before the market really runs and as the volume increases, so will the volume on FUD. Remember last year we had Chinese rumors then action and complete chaos ensuing before a huge run up in the market. I think this year will be no different and we should expect to see governments and regulators jump in when the whole market is about to take off. I think increased regulation will help with the number of cryptocurrency scam ICOs and will bode well for both the compliant and the completely decentralized projects. Its the ones in the middle I fear the most for.

This year is said to be the year of the security tokens and I will cover this in some more depth as time goes on. However, if you start joining all these dots, the projects to invest in become a lot clearer.


The linked video will elude to my picks for May and yes, I have picked some old favs and a couple of my newer favs too.
I will update my holdings for you all very soon and show you what I have going into this next alts run.

I have said before and I will say it again, I think this is the year that the security tokens will emerge.
We know that centralized exchanges are asking for projects to prove their coins/tokens are not securities through providing a Howey Memo or legal opinion letter. Which begs the question, where will these coins/tokens go, if  they were to be delisted?
DEX options are starting to become more common and more prevalent but they are not doing enough volumes yet to ensure liquidity. Enter tZERO. I would always recommend you do your own research and I will do a video on this shortly. This could be the solution by providing a home for security tokens. The project is extremely interesting and is packed with an all star cast. You need to register to invest, but this is one I haven’t, but will in the coming week or so, have a fair crack at. It’s a logical investment given the direction of the market.

Which brings me to Polymath. Everyone keeps asking me to do a video review and I have. Still in two minds whether to publish as I am still on the fence with this investment. Having said that, I see they have a LOT of synergies with tZERO including common advisors and team members. So I am warming to it and I do see that it does represent a good buying opportunity. I will update you if I decide to buy into POLY.


As you are all aware, the worlds first dICO will take place on May 3 and will be all about Blocnation. I am an advisor on the project and couldn’t be more proud to be. As you may know from following me, I like ICOs that 1) Have a functioning product 2) Have paying customers and 3) Are making money. This ticks all the boxes and is a solid project. You can see a great video explaining  a dICO here.

If their launch party was anything to go by, the future is very bright. You can see their working product here.

Take some profits on this next bull run and make sure you apply some strategy and rules with your investments. Greed is a very powerful thing and can make you forget what your goals are. I always recommend to sell half of your investment at double the purchase price.
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