RedFOX Labs is accelerating blockchain adoption through incubation and investment. Based in Vietnam, RedFOX Labs will target the projects with the most promise in the South East Asian region. After carefully selecting the most promising projects they will work for 8 weeks intensively, to ensure they are ready to launch their projects. With an enviable network of connections from Legal to Influencers, RedFOX Labs will connect the projects with industry experts and thought leaders to help strengthen their product offerings and strategy.

“RedFOX Labs is pleased to announce a pivotal strategic partnership with LedgerZ. A contribution of up to $10 million USD will allow further investment and development in the most promising projects. Sonic Zhang has an exemplary record in investment and an eye for picking the next big thing, having had success with Ethereum, Power Ledger, Binance, Stellar, Ripple and many others in their early stages. The partnership will allow us to look more objectively at each potential project and give these projects the best chance of success. RedFOX Labs is proud to partner with LedgerZ and believes it provides the catalyst for a long and successful joint investment partnership.” Said Ben Fairbank CEO and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs.

South East Asia provides one of the most promising opportunities for growth in the blockchain space. With a large percentage of the population unbanked, coupled with a growing demand for online content and data, the possibilities are endless. Vietnam produces a huge number of Engineering graduates each year, with some estimates above 100k. This represents a wealth of untapped resources and a great opportunity to be based here in the early stages of development.

Although the reach of RedFOX Labs is not limited to Vietnam, it provides a central location in the region for scouting the best projects. With access to some of the best tech in the industry and a roster of industry experts and influencers, RedFOX Labs is perfectly poised to give the projects it works with the best start possible.

“We are fortunate to have built great relationships and partnerships with some of the best people and projects in the industry. For us a shared vision of mass adoption and promoting the blockchain movement is imperative. The culture and mindset is first and foremost for us. We help solutions to problems come to life and in a way that focuses heavily on the journey in getting there. We want to be involved in things that are being built to last. Simple as that.” Said Ben Fairbank.