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By now you would have seen my latest video. If you haven’t check it out now, as its about us hitting the trillion mark. We did climb to around 830 billion and then pulled back to what was 630 billion and now sits around 724 billion at the time of writing.

There is a LOT of money sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in at the moment. I know a lot of new people to the market are asking me if I can sell them BTC or trade for them as they are unable to register on a certain exchange. This makes me want to HODL even harder. When these floodgates open, we will have a lot of angry money and pent up anger waiting to release itself into our bags. Mine are packed and ready. Hence the picture for this week as this is truly the calm before the most massive storm we can imagine.

I will soon share my updated portfolio and coins for next month with you all. I will only share my portfolio with you and the closed Telegram group as I see this as a fairly sacred thing. Needless to say, its a little bit different to when you may have last seen it and it may shock a few of you. But right now I am in rapid money making mode. I know we are all at different risk levels and different experience levels, so I will look at segregating some of the advice I give as we a) grow bigger as a community and b) discover your risk profiles. So stay tuned for some changes

As you all know the Jan coins flew and are flying and we are about to see a next leg up too for some of them. The longer BTM goes without flying the more excited I am too as my bags get heavier and heavier, but the Feb coins are special indeed. The closed Telegram group which is capped at 100 does get first peak at those, but I am looking at a way to make it so you guys can get those early too. Stay tuned for that also.


In just a few short days I will release the Feb coins a little early so I will do that in place of this weeks hidden gems. However I will say ZSC is still a buy at about 6.6 cents.


See the website here https://zsc.io/


So I will be allowing 5 lucky people to go in on a masternode with me and the details will be following on a video due to be released in the next 12 hours or so. However I will let you guys know that its simple. You just need to follow me on Twitter to have a chance to win.

I will buy a masternode and offer 5 people a 10% share each for the duration of a month. This will mean that whatever the node produces in coins, each winner will get 10% each of the free coins. Which can really add up, so make sure you are in with a chance to win.

The second competition is the monthly coins giveaway. Again, all you need to do is follow me on Twitter and I will choose one person at the time my video comes out within the next few days. I will buy $200 worth of each coin and HODL them until the end of FEB and then give EITHER those coins to the winner OR the equivalent value in BTC. If you’ve been watching previous months, this could add up to be quite a bit indeed.


Masternode coins are doing what I predicted. They weather storms and they go up in value at ridiculous rates. If you cant afford a node, who cares, buy coins that have nodes and ride the waves up. MN coins are HOT right now. I will show you where to find them soon. After having never run one before only a few months ago, I now have a healthy 17 either running or waiting to be installed. I can thoroughly recommend it.


Follow me here and get great advice, tips and insights. Its free and its all signals and news and no nonsense. Telegram


I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have liked and followed us across all mediums. We started off only 3 months or so back and we have reached some mini milestones, with 6300 Twitter followers, 13.6k YouTube subs, 74k views of our latest tips and we get around 8000 readers of every newsletter. We are still small and growing fast but our promise to you is to keep it where we can remain in contact with you all as you reach out.

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