bitcoin benny newsHi Guys, Welcome back. We hope you enjoy the weekly newsletter and that you get a lot of benefit from it. As it takes a lot of man hours and research we were thinking of moving to a paid model, which we may still consider. However, this week we will try something new. If you find this newsletter has value and you would like to make a small donation, please do so at one of these addresses. If we can get enough donations, we will not charge for the newsletter. Last week we got a few, o give what you can spare to the addresses located on my Twitter account, they are located in my profile description here


Wow. What a massive week for our coins. We have been flying and I know from all the DMs that you have all done very well which is great. Don’t forget to throw a few $ our way to the addresses above so we can keep on trucking. LEND has gone bananas and so have a heap of our coins. Makes for a very exciting Feb and for the rest of Jan.

You will notice a few of the previously tipped coins haven’t fired yet such as BTM. Use a bit of your profits to keep accumulating your bags.

I expect this current market influx to continue with the lower priced coins benefitting and then, naturally, we will see those profits go into the mid caps. They are next. You will also see people using their profits to accumulate more BTC and ETH as has always been the case. They are great indicators of longevity for these low cap pumps.


As you are all aware, I spend a lot of time researching the best coins for you to buy. Jans coins are FLYING and its not too late to get on BTM as its just starting to take off now and is getting increasing volumes. Partly thanks to becoming more popular. Febs coins will be the biggest ever and I am very excited to bring you those.


In the interim, get yourself over to and pick up these two beauties which are both set to soar.


Zues shield coin. Check this one out. It wont be a well kept secret for much longer and at 5.4 cents, its set to fly.

See the website here

And the one we already knew was good but will now fly with its impending listing on is DBC


This will remain around 17 cents for no time at all and will fly. This coin is a winner and just look at its pedigree here. Its attached to NEO, need I say more?

Extra Special Announcement

So I will be allowing 5 lucky people to go in on a masternode with me and the details will be following on a video really soon.

I will own with you and we will run it together. I will also announce 1 lucky winner who will get all payouts for a month from my share. So make sure you stay tuned for how to enter.


Take profits at these times. These pumps are unsustainable. Get onto some of these little coins we are talking about and come back in 6 months and see how they are doing. You wont be disappointed. Selling half at double still applies here.


That’s right, we are now on Telegram and have a growing community with some of the coolest people in planet crypto, so join now while we still accept members. Here you will get to chat directly with Bitcoin Benny and get some insights on how to trade, get to join competitions and also have a chance to learn from the community who has a wealth of experience. You can join by following this link Telegram


I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have liked and followed us across all mediums. We started off only 3 months or so back and we have reached some mini milestones, with 4200 Twitter followers, 11.3k YouTube subs, 61k views of our latest tips and we get around 1900 readers of every newsletter. We are still small and growing fast but our promise to you is to keep it where we can remain in contact with you all as you reach out.

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