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Santa has come with intent this year. He knocked down our chimneys, gave us massive gifts, took them back immediately and now seems to be in a charitable mood again. Lets see if the Bitcoin Gods allow BTC to run or if the alts season continues.

We have seen some massive gains on individual coins as well as some slowly grinding their way to all time highs. We have also seen some heavy hitters stay stagnant which could surprise the new people to crypto. This will all change very soon.

When you’ve got people like John McAffee shilling a coin a day and the mainstream coverage that crypto is getting, its fair to say, that the immediate and mid terms look very good for all of us early investors. Just don’t FOMO into other coins.


As you are all aware, I spend a lot of time researching the best coins for you to buy. January was no exception, and these coins look ripe. Incase you missed them make sure you like and subscribe to the Bitcoin Benny YouTube channel here. As there was a slight correction after the post, some of the coins I have chosen provide outstanding value at the moment. These coins include BTM, STRAT, QSP, LEND and of course KMD.

I expect this could be our most successful growth month to date. So lets see how it all unfolds.


Last time we tipped you QBAO, INK and also QASH (which should be a monster). This ti,e I have 2 newer ones that are more HODLs than quick flips, but you never know your luck.


The first one is called AELF and is code ELF. I suggest you check it out here This has huge potential and if you look at the way they raised funds and set themselves up, they are a cut above. Expect this one to be a long term nugget of gold.

The other is a coin called Medibloc or MED on Its a really interesting coin that seems to be a little bit ahead of its competitors as far as where it is in development and implementation is concerned. Take a look at it here


And the last one for this edition is called NEBULAS and is code NAS. With some ties to two other coins I love in NEO and LRC, this coin could be anything and isn’t even listed on CMC yet. Also can be purchased at which is fast becoming one of my fav exchanges. You can research NAS here


As I stated last time, I didn’t want to join this exchange. But I had to in order to get some of the little gems I wanted to. I must say, so far I have found it pretty good. Hop on over and check it out for yourself.

Extra Special Announcement

I will be running a special offer very soon. So stay tuned. I will be explaining how you can run a masternode with me. So if you have ever wondered how it works or what it involves this could be for you.

Stay tuned for that. For those of you who missed the last newsletter, please see below for the pro tips on Masternodes


Masternode coins are still all the rage. Look for the upcoming masternodes and even if you dont plan to run them yourself, buy them up with profits. They go crazy for these coins. You can see them here masternodes

Also, this sounds mental but its true. Look at coins that are pumping like Litecoin and then look for the name derivatives like Litecoin Plus. Often, new money looks for a cheaper version of the same coin, even if its not relatedd in function. The name alone fuels greed in the noobs and quite often I buy these coins up (in small volumes) and wait for the herd to come and pay me, much more than I paid for them.

Again, only use small profits to play with these.


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