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Can you see the snow melting? Is the alts winter finally about to fast? Can the hungry alt coins finally feast? Let’s hope

It is no surprise that the top 10 coins are the first to pump as all the institutional money comes in. These first people through the door are going to be the more risk adverse. They will go with the confidence of the top few, with high volumes and high liquidity. However, we all know the Wall Street money LOVES risk. So you will see these massive profits being gained by new comers and the long term holders of top coins, filtering down, very soon!

You know I love a good privacy coin. I still think XZC is a winner. Watch for it to soar soon. My other fav privacy coin, is KMD and that is set to burst when smart money finds out what they can do. Stay tuned for my series of videos on KMD.


As you are all aware, I spend a lot of time researching the best coins for you to buy. December was no exception, however, with CME futures etc, timing can be a tricky thing. DCR has already taken off due to the fact its considered to be a good long term coin and has held a higher position in market cap order previously. Its about 45% up since the call. KMD is also just warming up for us now. Regarding LRC, we are awaiting announcements with the release of their wallet and many other features, so stay tuned for that one and watch for a real breakout year in 2018.

For ICN we see it holding steady and awaiting big news. Last but not least TRIG. It has gone up about 25% since the call and once the market becomes a little more stable expect it to fly.


If you make some decent profits in this coming month or so, you will want to throw a few bob at these three. You might see a them for 2 of them, as they tie up to my QTUM pick for 2018.

Image result for QBAO

First one is called Qbao and is a wallet for QTUM first and foremost, but it also will act as a blockchain version of Wechat for QTUM. This could be big and with exchange listings prior to Xmas (rumored only) this might be a good one for early 2018. Currently at 21 cents and available on gate

Image result for qash coin

QASH is doing all the right things so far and is a STEAL at 55 cents. Its connected to a huge retail shopping chain already and is the only currency accepted outside of ETH and BTC. I mean, this is a NO BRAINER. HOLD for dear life.

Lastly, another little gem. You can say you heard about it here first. Its called INK and I would thoroughly recommend you take a read of the website linked. It is currently trading at 30 cents on gate


I didn’t want to join this exchange. But I had to in order to get some of the little gems I wanted to. I must say, so far I have found it pretty good. Hop on over and check it out for yourself.


I expect we will keep seeing money come in now. 1 Trillion is upon us before we know it. The temptation to chase green candles will be too much to resist for the most of us. But the patient will profit. If youre not a day trader, dont trade. If you are a day trader, resist selling your long term HODLs for a quick win. Its too easy to get frozen out right now. As always trade with caution.

I would expect to see the top 15 to 20 really pump hard, with the occasional one outside also pumping along for the ride. We will see the ones people have their eyes on flying. Be patient as the money will trickle down. Its going to come in thick and fast now so hold on tight.


Masternode coins are still all the rage. Look for the upcoming masternodes and even if you dont plan to run them yourself, buy them up with profits. They go crazy for these coins. You can see them here masternodes

Also, this sounds mental but its true. Look at coins that are pumping like Litecoin and then look for the name derivatives like Litecoin Plus. Often, new money looks for a cheaper version of the same coin, even if its not relatedd in function. The name alone fuels greed in the noobs and quite often I buy these coins up (in small volumes) and wait for the herd to come and pay me, much more than I paid for them.

Again, only use small profits to play with these.


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