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Enter the dragon. Enter the playing table of Bitcoin Russian Roulette. Well to say this run is unsustainable would be an understatement, but for those of you who predominantly hold alts, this is of little consolation right now.

The Bitcoin value has soared to an flirted with $7500 and teases us into thinking there is a chance it can keep running further. Some of us have one eye on the BTC price and one on the calendar, counting down the days to the fork. It reminds me of looking at a calendar in the Australian summer and hoping for some cool relief from the brutal heat.

The FUD machine is in full force bringing out articles for and against BTC and B2X and telling all the world is near to an end. So, positioning becomes more important than ever right now. This is when you do 3 smart things. 1) Define a strategy – Not like a diet that you don’t stick too when a burger gets waved under your nose. I mean a real strategy where you have designed buy and sell plays ready and that aren’t to be negotiated in the romance of a run. 2) Choose your coins – To choose your poison would be too apt in this situation. Look for coins with a product, community and which have pulled back the furthest from their recent highs, without having major issues. Smart money (profit) goes on good coins. Dumb money buys lotto tickets. 3) Increase your position – Be careful, but also don’t wait for the game to come to you. If you see an arbitrage opportunity or a way to make some quick money now, use it to pump the profits back into your long holds. And here’s a bonus – If you’re a bit unsure of what to buy – STAY AWAY FROM TWITTER CASHTAGS. Most of these don’t play out. Use your trusted sources and always DYOR

In this video I talk about XZC and I do this for valid reason. It is hours away from winning the Binance vote and it is about to release several key updates that are sure to send its price skyward. Especially considering a lot of the smart profits from 2X will go to coins like this. I don’t talk about coins like this purely for fun. To me this was obvious to mention in my earlier video due to the team, product and community size and support. When I heard it would be listed in the Binance competition it seemed like an obvious choise. I realise it’s not a cheap coin and most would love the penny stock type of tips, but we try and focus on quality coins.

zcoin 1

Our top coins for November look poised and I am grateful that we are gaining some momentum with 4k views. If you didn’t get to see it, you can watch it here.

Now, I firstly want to speak of the ‘elephant in the room’. What happened to Metal?

metal pay

Nothing, well nothing REALLY. A lot of people would be worried that the price has dropped so sharply after such a successful release of an amazing wallet. I personally don’t worry at all. There was well documented stories relating to the selling off of 600k MTL tokens after a relationship went sour, but guess what people? Relationships go sour all the time in business. The product works, it looks good and people are bound to keep using it. Cast your minds back to the issues ZEN had with their developer. I was scooping up at $4 and being laughed at. However, they had a great product and team and the story is not so different for MTL. I am still in and increasing my position.

Speaking of which, here is my updated holdings for those who have been asking:


Portfolio Nov.png

Some of you will notice I have got back into WTC. Yes, I wanted a masternode and had always said I would get back in at the time it dipped below $5 after entering at 58 cents and exiting at $6.66. Yes, this coin is also receiving a lot of press relating to its missed wallet and master chain deadline. They will release something today and the price is solid, so I have little risk in holding my position here.


Wanted to also mention Monaize. Most of you know I am a HUGE fan of KMD and will continue to be over the coming year. This Monaize ICO coming up on the 10th has a few things going for it that I can’t overlook. It has a working product and a user base and already has a license which almost all of its competition in the blockchain space do not have. Komodo will retain a 5% stake in this company and therefore has a vested interest in making it work. I am especially intrigued as its a dICO and Americans should be able to buy into this. Too many positives and this will be my last ICO of the year.


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