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Well guys, the last week in crypto has been ‘fork’ing crazy! We expected an influx of funds into the alts that never came as BTG turned out to be a huge non event. BTC flexed its muscles and even at the time of writing this 50% of the community say it will keep going up and 50% say its a bull trap and it will go down. Who knows?

Let’s start by recapping last months picks one last time as we draw to the end of the month and look to our new months picks:

On the 26th of September we told you to buy 5 coins. Let’s see how they are going now:

5. Loopring – Then $0.067 Now $0.146 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 217%

4. QTUM – Then $9.53 Now $10.21 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 7%

3. ZENCASH – Then $8.08 Now $19.72 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 244%

2. ZCOIN – Then $11.01 Now $14.87 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 35%

1. WTC – Then $2.16 Now $6.56 – Profit/Loss = Profit 304%

Let’s (for the sake of round numbers) say you put $1000 in each. For an investment of $5000 you would now have $10,070. We are happy with that in a month that will go down as being AWFUL for crypto alts.

This month we have chose 5 coins you must check out now. 2 of the 5 are already running, so here is the video:

Top 5 Coins for November

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$1000 Challenge update

Our current holds are MTL 55 coins, SNM 3028 coins, BTM 3000 and KMD 307. Its currently worth a little over $1600 USD. So not too bad considering. We will aggressively grow this during the upcoming alts boom so watch the signals channel on Telegram and also our FB site for updates here 

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So that’s all for another action packed week and stay tuned for more tips and prizes on the following channels. Stay safe and only ever invest without emotion.