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Well guys, we are on fire. We are just about to head into a bull run for alts, post fork. So everyone should be getting their bags in order. You should, if you have been following us, have a little bit to invest and play with entering this period. We have tipped a few that still remain good value. Let’s recap what we tipped and how they are going.

On the 26th of September we told you to buy 5 coins. Let’s see how they are going now:

5. Loopring – Then $0.067 Now $0.179 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 267%

4. QTUM – Then $9.53 Now $12.34 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 29%

3. ZENCASH – Then $8.08 Now $22.76 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 281%

2. ZCOIN – Then $11.01 Now $11.55 – Profit/Loss = PROFIT 4%

1. WTC – Then $2.16 Now $7.36 – Profit/Loss = Profit 340%

Let’s (for the sake of round numbers) say you put $1000 in each. For an investment of $5000 you would now have $11,210. Not bad in a down market.

Since then we have tipped SUBstratum which we tipped at 10 cents and SONM which we tipped at 9.2 cents. SUB is now at $0.1476 and SONM represents great value as it will soon boom and is currently only $0.1018 cents. Get aboard when you can.

If you haven’t seen our most recent tip, check out this video. We are going all in with our profits on Komodo.

We do have a few other tips coming up, but we reserve those first and foremost for our free Bitcoin Benny Telegram group (which is full but we are taking names for a waiting list) and our signals channel on Telegram. Signals


We did promise an ICO recommendation and here it is. However, I say this, there are way too many new coins and ICOs and sorting out the wheat from the chaff is hard work. This one appeals to me personally and I am prepared to have a stab at this one. Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and make sure you know that ICO investment is a huge risk.

Having said all of that, I think this one ticks a lot of the right boxes.



Please go in and read the Whitepaper and as I say DYOR. This looks very exciting though and rather than me talking it up, I would rather point you to the link above where you can have a read for yourself.


We are less than 2 weeks away from announcing the winner of our first $1000 giveaway and we will also be starting our new monthly giveaway very soon, so don’t miss your chance to enter.

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