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Well without drama, we wouldn’t have crypto. From the mysterious crashing alts with a seemingly stable market cap and no real explanation, we all felt like we had been had and walked around for a day scratching our heads. We heard the money went to BTC for the upcoming fork, however that’s still 2 weeks away and that’s like a year in normal world time. So, here is what I am predicting (you will see this in todays upcoming video). I think the BTC price will drop a little, slowly. People will see more and more tweets and analysis as to that fact and they will sell their BTC at a profit and buy the very cheap alts. They will hope to make some money, wait it out, and buy back in before the fork at a cheaper price than they sold it for. Good for alts! Let’s see if I am right and it pans out that way.

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So last week we talked about SONM. It was at 9.2 cents and at the time of writing this, its at 14.79 cents. Not bad considering it hit 20 and most alts are bleeding. Strong rumors that this coin will be listed on Bittrex and we are long on this coin.

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Next coin we talked about was SUBSTRATUM. I tipped this in my ‘Buy this coin now!’ video on my YouTube channel and for good reason. At the time it was 9.8 cents and I noticed they were entered into the Binance competition. They won that and are now listed. They sit at the time of writing at 15.81 cents and are consolidating nicely. This one we will take half our profits at 20 cents and ride for free.

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Lastly we spoke of Bytom coin. At the time we mentioned it, it was trading around 8.9 cents. At the time of writing it is sitting at 7.8 cents and represents HUGE value for a coin that is likely to be relisted on Binance. This is a risk, a big risk, but one we are able to trade on with profits, so we roll the dice for free with nothing but upside.


Probably the most often asked question I get, other than how the hell do you use Etherdelta. For the purpose of transparency, here are my holdings.

You will notice I have no ZEN or WTC. I am a trader AND a long term HODLer. I use my trades to improve my positions in my long term holds. WTC I saw a 12 x return and am waiting for a buy in opportunity, if and when it comes. ZEN was showing signs of pulling back so I got out and took huge risks with FUN (incoming coin burn) and a few others. I will roll the profits into ZEN and buy back cheaper than I sold out (well that’s the hope).


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