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October looks like being Rocktober as I sit here listening to Thunderstruck by AC/DC and dreaming of the gains we are all likely to make together. With the China FUD behind us and October being a seriously jam-packed month for releases, upgrades, updates and progress reports, this is when we will separate the men from the boys.

Don’t forget, in Crypto we are never far from a storm, even on the sunniest days. Having said that, the brave always defeat the weak. There will be more FUD around Segwit 2X and other people like Jamie Dimon looking for their 15 minutes in the spotlight. In the famous words of Donald Trump though October will all be about “China, China, China”, but for good reasons this month. Watch and see how this all unfolds.

I am flattered and humbled by all the feedback I have received from those of you who made some serious money on my recommendations. I won’t always get them right, but I am glad I shared them with the first people to support me and that was a little thank you J Here is an update on how those tips have gone and one new tip for you all.

  1. LOOPRINGloopring 11.pngWhen I recorded the video on the 26th of September this little gem was sitting at $.0617 cents, it at the time of writing this article sits at $0.167 cents. That’s a massive return of 270%. So for those of you that were lucky enough to get in, DON’T SELL. It’s a keeper, and the projection for this coin is 50 cents before the end of November. These guys are seriously switched on and have the Neo CEO as an advisor.
  1. QTUMQtum 11.jpgQTUM has some significant news coming out over the coming days as they go through a token swap. Could get very interesting, it should go up but anything is possible with Crypto, however, I am still very bullish. At the time we made the video on the 26th of September it was at $9.53. As of now the price stands at $11.93. That represents a return of 25%. This is still very much a long-term hold coin.
  1. ZENCASHzencash 11Zencash has a weekly podcast, ample updates and Charles Hoskinson as an advisor. What more needs to be said. These guys are competing in a very crowded space, which deals with privacy. Mark my words though, they are about to become relevant when some of the other privacy coins become irrelevant. When we filmed the video on the 26th the price was $8.08. At the time of writing the current price is $7.79. Which means, if you invested you are currently nearly 4% down. Nothing to worry about with this one though and for those of you who haven’t yet got in, you’re lucky, they’re even cheaper now.
  1. ZCOINzcoin 11This smart team, with an ambitious mission to bring the Zerocoin protocol to ‘error free’ life, could well do it. If this is comes off as planned, you better buy tickets on the rocket, as it’s going to the moon. With its measly supply this coin is realistically a $100+ coin. I firmly believe this target will be met in the first quarter of 2018. So you’re not too late to the party with this coin. When we filmed the video on the 26th of September the price was $11.01 and now currently trades at $12.55. This represents a return of 14%. These is really going to be a monster coin and you heard it here first.
  1. WTC (WALTONCHAIN)wTC 11.pngI made this my number 1 coin for good reason. This is a sleeping giant no more though. It was trading at a low of $0.58 cents during all the China turmoil and bounced back to a juicy $2.16 at the time of filming on the 26th of September. It now currently sits at $8.17 and shows no signs of stopping. I did mention I liquidated my position at 12 x, however, I did that as I had hit all my targets. This is easily a top 10 coin. Since filming it has produced a lazy 376% return.Just as an illustration of how successful these tips have been so far, if you had invested $1000 into each coin, for a total investment of $5000, you would now be sitting on $9810 which is an overall return of 96% profit. WOW! Not bad. Well done to all those who followed me.

    Here is the link to the video for those who didn’t see it yet

    Next week we will preview some upcoming ICO’s and give you some great tips and hints for trading. So don’t miss out.

    Oh, I did promise a little tip, so here it is:

    This coin has a fair bit happening over the next month or so and has been a bit of a sleeper. Its currently at 9.2 cents and I am eagerly awaiting it to wake up. Please always do your own research and understand that this is a risky investment, as is all crypto currency. I am not a financial advisor, I’m just a bloke who wants to help you, make a lot of money!

    sonm 11SONM can be purchased across a number of exchanges and can be researched here at their website.

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