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Month: October 2017

Flip or HODL – Our romance with coins

If we invest with emotion, we end up caught in a bad romance. Today we look at our relationship with our coins. If you like what you see, dont forget to tip, so we can put clothes on our cameraman. He has shoes now, but nothing else. They are nice shoes mind you. BTC 1FGCMQV8ZGehJC3UswKpzvzo99ZHaENxJq ETH 0x6d428fcc3398545f5bf25be8b2fa9205a8b13f92 Don’t forget to like and subscribe and to follow us on FB And Twitter Tweets by bennydoda01 Dont also forget our Telegram signals channel where you can get some amazing gains and tips...

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Bitcoin Bennys Weekly Newsletter – Edition 4

Well done! You’ve got aboard early and are one of the first members of our community. This is a free weekly publication for subscribers to Bitcoin Benny. However, in future, we will stop circulating the newsletter for free and anyone who wasn’t in the first 100 subscribers will be charged to receive the publication. We hope you enjoy this free community newsletter, which we will always keep fresh and ‘help you, make a lot of money!’. BITCOIN BENNY’S LATEST RECOMMENDATIONS AND MARKET BRIEF:  UPDATE Well guys, the last week in crypto has been ‘fork’ing crazy! We expected an influx...

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This is how you Etherdelta Tip jar so we can keep making these videos BTC 1FGCMQV8ZGehJC3UswKpzvzo99ZHaENxJq ETH 0x6d428fcc3398545f5bf25be8b2fa9205a8b13f92 Hi Guys, we realise this is quick but we like our videos short. We get asked how to use Etherdelta more times a day than we do anything else. So here it is, the beginners guide. Dont forget to like and...

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Say ‘hell no’ to FOMO!

If you like what you see, don;t be afraid to tip. All proceeds go to keeping the cameraman clothed. Its a little off putting being filmed by a naked man. BTC 1FGCMQV8ZGehJC3UswKpzvzo99ZHaENxJq ETH 0x6d428fcc3398545f5bf25be8b2fa9205a8b13f92 Too many people get burned in the good times and that’s not how it should work. We are here to help guide you and help make you a lot of money. Dont forget to like and...

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